Yesterday a gang of teenagers smashed the rear window of our car. A random act of mindless vandalism. I say mindless because I can think of no reason for it. So far as I know we have not upset anyone, (we are just a pair of pensioners who lead a quiet life.)  It cannot have been envy, the car is 20 years old for goodness sake!  They did not steal anything from it.  No It was just a mindless act which they probably put out of their minds 5 minutes later, leaving us with the clearing up, the expense of repair and the problem of finding a new window for a 20 year old car.

This incident left me thinking how much better the world would be if we just stopped to think of the consequences of our actions or words. How many friendships/jobs have been ruined by a hasty spurt of anger , or an ill thought out Email?

Would the commission hungry salesman have pushed the unsuitable loan/mortgage/shares if they had thought about the misery they were going to cause the naive borrower ( my cynical side says yes but maybe some would not.)

Would the howling mobs still cause such mayhem if they thought individually and did not follow the herd?

Would we still read the horror stories of people sending £iooos of pounds to fraudulent con men who promise them untold wealth. If they stopped to think about why some unknown financier would “cold call” them to make such an offer, maybe they would not part with their money so easily. After all “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”