At last we have found Pentwyn Aldi!!

During the summer Jennie and I have been visiting different supermarkets on a, completely unscientific, market survey. We found that they gave mixed results and on balance were all were pretty much equal when you balanced out the various elements, price, service, choice etc. the only one we had decided to cross off our list was a branch of Aldi. We visited that branch after we had been to Morrisons, where we had, had good friendly service, plenty of choice and competitive prices.

We thought it was strange that there were so few customers as it was a busy time of day and the prices were very reasonable, then we reached the till and found a possible cause. There appeared to be only one assistant who reluctantly left her shelf stacking to man the till. She almost hurled the goods along the counter, and when I started to  put them in my bag, snarled, “You pack over there!” and then drummed her fingers impatiently on the counter while she waited for my money. All this despite the fact we were the only customers at the counter. We came out feeling quite traumatised and vowed never to go there again, however we heard that there was a better one at Pentwyn, so twice we went looking for it, without success, even though we felt as if we had been along every road in Pentwyn. We decide to have one last look (Jennie doesn’t like to be beaten by anything!) Suddenly there it was in front of us. I am convinced that it  is like that mythical village in Scotland which only appears for one day every hundred years (I can’t remember the name, can any one help?)

This was a much better experience, the girl on the till was pleasant and polite, so, if it has not disappeared back into the mists, we will probably visit again.