When we moved to this house 11months ago, I left behind a large garden which I had planted over 20 years. For twenty years I had had a free hand (finances permitting) to indulge my addiction to plants, nothing was too big and there was always somewhere I could find a space, plus I had shade, semi shade, full sun and all aspects of the compass, so I was completely spoiled. Many of the plants  had been donated from the gardens of friends and family and some, like my glorious camellia, had been nursed into growth after their rescue from the bargain bin! When we knew we were moving I, with my expert gardening friend Julie, took cuttings and divided and potted up my favourites. My lovely daughter Jennie hired a van and brought them down to Cardiff for me. 

This house had a small, neat garden at the back where the only edible plant was a grape vine artistically wound round an arch. At the front is a small lawn with a narrow flower border at one end and two conifers at the other. I did what all the gardening programmes tell you to do and waited patiently to see what would come up in this first year, but I did get just williams to round off the lawn and thus widen the borders a bit, so was able to plant some of the cuttings. I also bought some very large pots and planted dwarf fruit trees on the patio. One of the disappointments was no spring bulbs. I know they can look a bit untidy after flowering, but the sight of them in bloom is so cheering after the winter that I had to plant some, so this week I have planted about 600 miniature bulbs of all kinds. The soil was very poor when we came so I have given it a good dose of Cuttings compost and chicken manure over the summer and already it is looking better, so as I say it was a day of optimism.

Just williams has done a heroic job of unwinding the vine  and training it along wires. The next job is to get rid of the conifers along the wall and replace them with something more interesting and useful like  a tayberry and blackberry, and I really think that front lawn’s days are numbered!