As an outsider, I watch reports and debates on the US election with interest, but not a great deal of knowledge. I find the scale of it all quite amazing. So much fervour and so much money being spent!

One thing which amused me was Senator McCain declaring that he knew where Osama Bin Laden was and when he was President he would go and get him! Wouldn’t it be nice if he let the Military into the secret! It reminds me of a member of Plaid Cymru who said that we should go and have talks with OBL and I had visions of MPs knocking on the doors of the caves asking if Osama was home for a chat!

Something I did not understand was, why all the fuss about whether Sarah Palin had had her lipstick tattooed or not. Why did it matter?

The other thing which I found amazing was her statement that she could see Russia from her backyard. Has she got bionic eyes?  I hope Mr Putin doesn’t go out in a fur coat or she might shoot him by mistake!

All this razamatazz has served to confirm me as a monarchist. I couldn’t bear the thoughts of the build up to elections and then the election, which seem to last from one election to the other, and then there is the awful thought about who might get elected given the worship of “celebrities”!  I won’t mention any names!