I am a bit of a newsaholic, but often find I am left with a few questions here are a few of them.


George Osbourne has confessed, and apologised for, being present at a discussion on a possible donation to the Conservative party by Oleg the Oligarch. As donations from foreign nationals are not allowed and Oleg is indisputably a foreign national, why was there a discussion in the first place? They wouldn’t have been looking for a loophole would they?


Today we were told that Barclays Bank has arranged financing of £5.8million from Abu Dhabi and Qatar after turning down similar offers from the Bank of England. We are told that this is to keep their independence to run the bank in their own way, presumably those lenders will have no say in how their money is spent!!

Of course it is nothing to do with avoiding restrictions on executive salaries and bonuses,is it?.  I wonder who  made these decisions, it wouldn’t be those same executives would it? If I had not closed my account 34 years ago I would be there today to do it.


Today Sir Michael Lyons was answering questions from John Humphries on the Today programme and whilst agreeing that the loutish presenters had overstepped the mark, stated that we have to cater for a young audience who like this kind of programme!  Why?  Should I feed my grandsons solely on biscuits and sweets because they like them? Should we have programmes for paedophiles and pornographers because some sick people would like to see or hear them? Wouldn’t it be better to try giving them decent programmes which don’t rely on expletives, inane pranks an obsession with sex and booze.Perhaps we could show them that there are more acceptable ways of enjoying themselves. Is it any wonder that there is so little respect for authority when they have no self respect.

 None of the classic comedy shows which have survived the decades,”The Good Life”, Dad’s Army,” Morecombe and Wise” etc, needed to descend to these depths and yet we,who were rebellious youngsters once, managed to enjoy them, and many youngsters today still enjoy the repeats.

Why must we “dumb down” to the lowest denominator and not at least try to raise the standards. Who knows some of their youthful audiences might find they enjoy the programmes more and the BBC  find some of their traditional audiences coming back.