Yesterday we had some very unusual visitors, two piglets- Fergie and Bubble- who Jennie was “pig sitting”. They are so cute and were very well behaved! The next arrivals were some neighbourhood children in a variety of Halloween costumes.  Himindoors was quite baffled on the “etiquette” of such occasions and said politely, “Thank you very much but we have some of our own coming!” I had been forewarned and hurried out with the bag of sweets before the tricks were played.

We did not celebrate Halloween in our youth (it is a fairly recent thing) and I don’t think it had reached our West Wales district when we lived there , or maybe the  lanes were too long and too dark for them to venture out.

Our next visitors were a skeleton (Handsome), a vampire(Cheeky) and a scary witch. The skeleton and the vampire took great delight in scaring their poor grandparents (lol) and gratefully added the sweets to those already collected on their round of friends and family, and we escaped the “trick” of the piglets poohing on the carpet!