Today has been a lovely family day. Jennie took me shopping and then Himindoors prepared lunch for us. Before she went to pick up the boys from school, she explained my new Email to me yet again (she has seemingly infinite patience with this technophobic mother).

 After she had collected them they all came back for tea and cakes. Handsome brought Florry the Venus flytrap for my  tender ministrations as she is looking rather under the weather and he has a rather worrying belief that I know everything!

Cheeky was very excited because he has learned to click his fingers. It is lovely to be here so that we can see all these little milestones. This is one of the advantages of moving to Cardiff, the boys are growing up so fast and it would be easy to miss out on these important years. I remember when Jennie was a baby and someone told me to enjoy every day because it passes in a flash. I thought they were exaggerating, but it really did flash by and seemed no time before she was off to university then married and now a mother herself. I think that is why I appreciate her company so much now, we share opinions on so many things, understand one anothers dreams and giggle at life’s absurdities.

Today in the car we discussed the US elections and agreed that the general view we had gained from the British media was that there were some pretty scarey Republicans (I’m sure there must be some very nice ones too, but they haven’t been much in the forefront) so we are hoping that the polls are right and that we will wake up tomorrow to the news that Senator Obama has been elected. I think that I am Democrat by inclination anyway, but it all seems so much more intense over there, and great passions seem to be aroused, which shows some people in a very unflattering light. I can’t imagine politicians in this country getting away with some of the downright obvious lies, I know they don’t always stick to the truth, but not transparently provable lies! 

I was reminded of the main reason we moved to Cardiff, not just the convenience of an easily maintained house and garden, the amenities of a city etc, but to enjoy family life on a daily basis rather than just visits and telephone calls, which however frequent are not the same.