Today our friendly neighbourhood gardeners came and removed the Leylandii, so we now have a lovely grey stone wall to clothe and an extra 2-3 feet depth to the border (which in this small garden is quite something).

Now I can start dreaming about which plants to use, all I know so far is that they will be either beautiful or edible, preferably both.

I wish I could be as ruthless with clothes and household goods, as we are still trying to find homes for STUFF. I think it must be a hangover from being a war child, but I feel very profligrate about putting out anything which could possibly be used. I don’t mind so much if I can take it to a charity shop, but  it really hurts to send it to the tip.

One of the other things which takes up space is family memorabilia, not just from this generation but anything I can find to help in my interest in genealogy,  I made a lovely find when we moved here and I unpacked boxes from my parents’ house which had been packed 20+ years ago and found photographs of my father and his grandma taken nearly a century ago.

Well just a short blog today……I have gardening catalogues to peruse!