On Monday this week we met two old friends in town for lunch. One lives near Cardiff and the other one was visiting her from Nottingham. They were both retired nurses who had trained together in the 50s. I first met S when we both started work in 1974 in a large factory medical department. It was a well staffed department with a doctor, nurses, dentists, dental nurses, physios and chiropodists. 

S and I got on well right from the start and have been friends ever since. We became close friends with one of the other nurses and one of the physios, so when during that first year we all bought our first houses we formed a “band of brothers!” and helped each other with our moving in and DIY projects. It always seems so much more enjoyable when done in a group.

On the day we moved from our flat into the house they were all helping and then S disappeared without a word. We thought it a bit strange but no one said anything and she suddenly came back with a car full of food in heated containers. It was a three course meal for us all. That is the kind of friend she is.

We took it in turn to host a project. The host/s provided the food and we all joined in to many varied tasks, from simple decorating to laying a crazy paving drive which was to replace the thick gravel, resembling a shingle beach, and surrounded our victorian semi. The gravel went to C’s house to help form the base of her garage which we helped to erect!

We would spend the day working and then have a nice meal and social evening. It was the perfect way to renovate our houses as we were all a bit short of cash after the expense of buying a house and we had lots of laughs along the way. Himindoors put up with a gaggle of women surrounding him with a very good grace!!!

When Jennie was born we couldn’t decide which to ask to be Godmothers so we had all three.

Last Monday we had a lovely day together, it was better weather than we had had for some time, blue skies and sunshine, a tasty light lunch at the New Theatre and lots of reminiscing and catching up, then they left to go back to B’s to clear the loft ready for the new insulation. Not bad for two 75year olds!