Congratulations to Lindsay Roy and the Labour Party over their victory in Glenrothes. Everyone in the media seem to have been taken by surprise but I wasn’t. I sensed that people who form their own opinions, rather than believe what the papers tell us, must surely be wondering just what “Wavy Dave” and his friends stand for other than reducing Death Duties for millionaires. Their only mantra recently has been that they would not have been in this position financially because they would not have spent the money. Which hospitals would they not have built, which schools would they not have renovated and where would my winter fuel allowance be?  Why do they imagine the UK would have avoided the Global financial crisis if we had had a different government. They appear to be revelling in the thoughts that some people will have their houses repossessed or lose their jobs. They remind me of one of my relatives who, whilst inundating me with a saccharine sympathy when I had problems during pregnancy, completely lost interest when I produced my lovely, healthy daughter and has scarcely acknowledged her since!  I doubt whether the majority of voters in Glenrothes worry about inheritance tax or whether savings above £50,000 are safe. I get quite angry when they trot out that overused phrase “hard working people being penalised”  Most of the people I know are hard working and decent, but this doesn’t mean they are wealthy.

Mr Salmond has lost his self satisfied smirk and is claiming it was a dirty campaign. The words kettle and pot come to mind! I think he shot himself in the foot, when on a temporary bounce, by putting so much emphasis on independence for Scotland. I think there are far fewer Scots who want independence than he believes. It would certainly be one thing to put me off voting SNP if I still lived in Scotland. He says that he wants Scotland to be more like Norway. I lived and worked in Norway and love the country and the people, but would the Scots really like the high taxes and heavy duty on wines and spirits etc?

I hope the media will now give Mr Brown space to try and find solutions to the financial crisis without analysing every move for an ulterior motive and speculating whether this bounce means a Spring election! I also hope that some incompetent Civil Servant doesn’t conveniently lose information and thus give the Conservatives and their friends in the press ammunition against his leadership!