Some weeks just pass by and we hardly notice them, but not this week. It opened with Lewis Hamilton’s nail biting achievement in becoming the youngest and first black winner of the F1 world championship. A great example of determination and sheer grit in never giving up.

Senator Obama’s victory in the US Presidential elections seems to have created a sense of euphoria in all parts of the world (except in Russia!). What a huge burden for those slim shoulders, world poverty, disease and famine in Africa and Asia, global financial meltdown, terrorism, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the list is endless but his detractors (and there are some!) will be watching him like hawks for the first wrong move.

I hope he will get the backing he needs and responsible  guidance offered. I remember the same wave of euphoria which swept the country at the time of the Coronation in 1953, when the newspaper headlines proclaimed, “This is the new Elizabethan age”. Everest had just been conquered, rationing was coming to an end and we all felt very optimistic, despite the Cold War and the Korean War. People camped out on the streets of London to watch the fantastic spectacle of the beautiful young lady smiling from her carriage followed by a long procession of the world’s dignitaries (those of us old enough to remember it will never forget the sight of the Magnificent Queen Salote of Tonga)

There have certainly been huge changes in the 55 years since then, some good and some bad, and I suppose that is what life is all about, like the curates egg, good in parts. I think on the whole more good parts than bad.

The week was rounded off by the victory in Glenrothes when Labour held the seat, which confounded the so called experts. I must say that over the past few months I have become more and more cynical about these “experts”. They said Senator Obama could never get the nomination and then never get the Presidency, they presided over the financial world  and brought it to near collapse, they ruined old established companies.

Before the byelection “they” were predicting that the SNP would win and that would bring down the Prime Minister because it was a vote on his premiership. Since they were proved wrong they dismiss it as “just a local issue”

Perhaps, now that we can have access to so much information, we will have the confidence to make our own decisions and stop relying on the opinions of “The Experts”

Let us hope that after this eventful week at least some of the optimism remains and that the President Elect will get the support he needs to make the changes that so many people hope for.