I was infuriated when I read this article on Sunday by Liz Jones “From brilliant lawyer to First Lady pooper scooper in chief.”

Why do these aggressive feminists assume that life ends if you change from being a professional career woman to a career of being a loyal wife and conscientious mother which I think is possibly one of the most important jobs in a civilised society.

I think she seriously under estimates the intelligence of Michelle Obama if she thinks that she did not make a considered decision when she married Mr Obama, a dedicated politician, and then when they started their family.

Miss Jones writes of “a woman being REDUCED to being a wife and Mother”! What insufferable ignorance she shows of what being a wife and mother is. Hardly surprising when she spent her life publicising his failings and belittling her ex husband in her column and has to shower her “mother love” on her kittens!

I think it is a decision for every couple how they bring up their family and conduct their relationship and should not be sneered at by people with a different viewpoint.

We decided that one of us would always stay home and Himself did it for one year (when few people had heard of “house husbands”) and I did it for the rest of Jennie’s growing up years. I had had a successful career as a nurse and midwife and travelled widely, but never regretted the decision. True we would have been better off financially and afforded expensive holidays and designer clothes etc, but I would have missed so much of her growing up and those years pass so quickly and can never be replaced As a result we have an excellent relationship and we must have done something right because she has made the same decision to bring up her own two boys (despite her law degree!) and has two bright, well behaved, gorgeous boys to show for it.

What Miss Jones fails to realise is that the stay at home mother, far from losing all ability to think or form opinions, influences both her children and her husband, so I am sure that Mrs Obama will let her opinions be known even if she does it privately and doesn’t “mouth off” in public. Has Miss Jones never heard about “the power behind the throne”?

When I was a child very few mothers went out to work full time. This had advantages in the wider community, they also looked after their elderly or disabled neighbours too and kept a watchful eye on all the children, both in their behaviour and their safety. This was the mainstay of the community spirit the loss of which is frequently mourned today.

I know that some parents do not have the luxury of choice for various reasons, but I am sure that there are those who feel they both have to work, for financial reasons who,if they were given a little help would choose to stay at home so here is a radical idea, why not pay the child care allowance to mothers who stay at home.

This would have an effect on all the community, more people to keep an eye on all the neighbourhood, less stress on people trying to do two jobs (which must cause a conflict of loyalty sometimes both for their families and their employers and colleagues), and also, maybe, give them time to be involved in charity work.

It could also free up some of the jobs for the unemployed. It must be cheaper to pay the childcare element than sustain the unemployed.

So, Miss Jones, I think you were writing a lot of drivel and showing your own ignorance. Maybe you thought it was humorous, it wasn’t, or maybe you just wanted to be contoversial, it was! But stick to designer clothes and getting paid for flying to exotic locations to write about minimising our carbon footprint!!