Another grey, drizzly day. A few days ago the sun was shining and I had a good session in my little garden. I planted out a tray of primulas, which I had grown from seed earlier in the year, half a dozen pinks (cuttings from a plant bought from the “bargain table” at the local garden centre), a thornless blackberry to grow up the newly exposed wall and a clematis to grow through it. The label from the clematis had gone astray so I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised next spring!

I also moved some rotted down grass turves from one side of the garden to the other. During the move I discovered several clutches of slug (or snail) eggs which I took great delight in squishing, it was like a slug nursery! I also found a few ground beetles so I took some of those over too in the hope that they will eat any that I have missed. In my last garden we had a plenty of wildlife to help to control the pests, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, bats and of course birds of many varieties. I am a bit worried about enticing the birds in here as there are cats lurking behind bushes (not mine I hasten to add), but now that we have removed their favourite hiding place, which was behind the conifers, maybe they won’t feel it worth while lurking!

I decided that I would have more sessions like this and plant out the remaining cuttings which came from the previous house, but since then it has been grey and drizzly of course! Ah well “the best laid plans etc”