Organ transplants are in the news again and the arguments for and against an “opting out system” are starting again. Transplants have, in my opinion, been one of the great discoveries in the 20th century. I well remember the excitement when the first human heart was successfully transplanted. I personally have no problem with benefitting someone else with any bit of me that is useful after my death. After all it will be of no use to me!

I accept that some people have religious convictions against it, and if their religion forbids it, so be it, but as a Christian I believe that it is the soul which ascends to Heaven and the physical body is left behind along with all the other worldly possessions so it doesn’t matter what anyone chooses to do with it. If I am wrong then it does not matter as I won’t be going anywhere anyway!

In my career I saw dead bodies and it was quite visible that something had gone, whether it was the soul, the spirit, the essence of being or call it what you will, and only something like a wax image was left. It was nothing like a living human being.

Himself and I have been discussing leaving our bodies to Medical Science, as our aging parts are probably not much use to anyone else. It all seems logical to me, no rushing around trying to arrange funerals when those left behind are at their most vulnerable. If they need a ceremony as part of their grieving process they can have a memorial service when they are feeling less fragile. No need to agonise over burial or cremation, and later where the ashes are scattered or whether the grave is being tended etc. I would be quite happy to have a tree planted in my name, preferably a deciduous tree so that every spring it would be renewed.

We have discussed this with Jennie (after all it would be a bit of a shock for her if we didn’t!) and she is quite amenable, so we have to get in touch with the relevant authorities. I think this is one of the problems with the “opting in” system, many people agree in principle to donating but just do nothing about it.