It was reported in the media last week that George O had been having elocution lessons to alter his “posh” accent. I thought “Tom”, on the letters page in the Mail on Sunday, hit the nail on the head today when he wrote “Perhaps he ought to think of something worth saying then he wouldn’t have to bother whether it sounds posh or not!”

It is not his posh accent that puts me off, (after all I am not put off by Joanna Lumley’s or Boris Johnson’s or many others) it is the content and the whingy sound which goes with his sulky face. They do not have a clue what the really ordinary person is thinking. It is all very well going on a pre-arranged visit to a rough council estate, but we all know what happens when these visits are organised. The bits they are going to see are tidied up and the faithful are trotted out. The only way they would really find out is by going to live there and exist on a basic pension for a month and meet people on their own “turf”. Maybe then he could tell the representatives from his office that the “ordinary people” are not worried about inheritance tax or corporation tax, as stated by one woman from his office last week on TV. We are worried about increases in council tax,  fuel prices, lack of police presence on the streets, school standards etc.

One of the measures he suggests for dealing with the financial crisis is to suspend payment of VAT for small businesses (at a low interest rate)  What is this but more credit to mount up?

On a lighter note, did you know that his full name is Gideon George Oliver Osborne, initials GGOO, do you think he was called GOOEY at school?