I suppose there will be mixed responses to the budget.

One of the big changes is the VAT reduction and many reporters are concentrating on the £5 saving on a new TV but ignore all the other savings, which may be small,  but all add up whether they are pennies or pounds.

It may help to stimulate the housing market as a house move attracts quite a chunk of VAT, as I know only too well having moved house in the past year. On the original purchase we had VAT added to bills from the solicitor, surveyor and removals firm. Once here we bought new electrical goods, furniture and payed for the services of a plumber and gas fitter, plus all the everyday items and services, all of which had VAT so  a 2 1/2% reduction  would have been most welcome.

I wonder whether those dismissing the cut would be the same ones who would be raising a public outcry if it had gone up by even 1%. After all if it is costing an estimated  £12 billion someone must be benefitting!

The increase in pensions and winter fuel allowance will be welcome and I am sure that parents will be grateful for the increased child benefit, likewise those receiving pension credits and tax credits, as they say, “Every little helps.”

I don’t know enough about business taxes and allowances to make a judgement, but the FTSE has risen and the pound strengthened, so that seems quite positive.

Maybe we should all give it a chance to work and reserve judgement finally for the next election.