OK so I have been tagged by Welshpurpletree so I will have a go.

1 ) Family legend has it that I walked across a minefield when I was about four years old and emerged without a scratch. I must have eluded the watchful eyes of my mother, brother, aunt and cousin and took the quickest way from our holiday bungalow to the beach, which was over the sandhills. There were large notices saying that they were mined, as a precaution against invasion, so either it was all bluff or my guardian angel was working overtime. I must admit I don’t remember doing it, but I was told about it fairly frequently.

2 ) I was chosen to present a bouquet to Princess Elizabeth when she visited Nottingham when I was about eight. I was chosen because I could curtsey properly having been to ballet school.

3 ) I took part in a ballet on Wollaton Park, Nottingham as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951.

4 ) Two of us hitch hiked in Chile in 1966 and neither of us spoke Spanish. We were working on a cruise ship which had docked in Puerto Mont. The sight of distant mountains drew us like a magnet, and as there were no buses available we decided to hitch hike. Once again the Guardian Angel was there and we got a lift with a lovely man to a beautiful mountain village. We had a tasty lunch at the hotel (ordered by sign language) and then wandered around the lake picking the luscious blackberries before hitching back to the boat in time to go back on duty.

With the wisdom of age 🙂 I am horrified at how foolish we were and if Jennie  had done it I would have had a nervous breakdown!

5 ) In the eighties Himself, was invited to the opening of a new attraction at Beaulieu travelling on the Orient Express and arranged for me to go as his representative. I had a superb, luxurious day the fabulous journey down with a champagne breakfast, lunch with Prince Charles, and afternoon tea on the way back. I even got a new outfit out of it!

6 ) Now I am struggling….I speak English and Norwegian, school French and German, a smattering of Spanish and Italian and really struggled to learn a bit of Welsh, but never got past the first year.