We are told that pessimism can be one of the causes of stress so I decided to list 10 reasons I have to be happy. How about it everyone? Let us make a collective effort to lift the gloom and confound the doom mongers!

1 ) I have been married to the same lovely man for 35 years.

2 ) I have a lovely healthy family just down the road from me now.

3 ) We moved house one year ago and just beat the logjam in the housing market.

4 ) We have food in the cupboard and the freezer.

5 ) We do not live in a war torn country such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

6 ) Even if the house has gone down in value it does not matter. It is the same house and we don’t plan to move in the near future.

7 ) We now have a frequent bus service within 5 minutes walk and a free bus pass so don’t need to use the car so much therefore don’t have to buy as much petrol as when we were 14 miles from the supermarket.

8 ) We don’t have money in off shore investments, so no worries there.:)

9 ) We don’t get persecuted for our religious or political beliefs.

10 ) We are getting an extra  £50 winter fuel allowance from Mr Darling!

There’s my ten how about yours?