I was tagged to list 6 things which make me happy, so here goes.

1) My family of course. It is said that you are given your family but choose your friends, well my family are the friends I would choose anyway. My husband of 35+ years has always been there for me and supported me in whatever I do however much I must have exasperated him over the years! My lovely daughter  helps me, giggles with me and stops me feeling old. Her husband GG sorts out my digital equipment and helps to drag me into the 21st century and they have given us two lively and gorgeous grandsons, who think I am the fount of all knowledge because I watch Dr Who and understand about Cybermen and Daleks etc.

2) I love opening my Christmas cards and finding a letter inside from one of my far flung family or friends reminding me of the fortunate life I have had. A secure and happy childhood provided by loving parents, a protective beloved elder brother and large extended family. Happy schooldays, a fulfilling and varied career in nursing, several years in Norway, and happy years as a wife and Mum.

3) It makes me happy when I buy a sad looking plant from the bargain bin at the nursery and see it flourish into a magnificent specimen.

4) I am happy whenone of  my favourite authors publishes a new book, especially when it is an ongoing saga or features characters that I have become familiar over the years.

5) I get very happy when I discover another ancestor for the family tree I have been working on in the past few years, or a third or fourth cousin gets in touch with me and fills in another gap or two.

6) I feel happy and peaceful looking up at the night sky in the country, away from city lights. This was even more magical when I lived in a mountain village in Norway and stood in the snow looking up at the vast universe.