After all the gloom and doom and predictions of misery by politicians, economists and the media who almost seem to relish it, it was refreshing to see Theo Paphitis (of Dragons Den) with an optomistic outlook. He said that many of today’s  successful entrepreneurs started their businesses in the last recession. Of course it is going to be hard going for many people, but I have heard people with successful businesses say that if they had not lost their comfortable jobs, with paid holidays, sick pay and pensions, they would not have had the courage to risk it all to start a new business. Sometimes the things which seem disastrous at the time turn out, with hindsight, to have been a blessing in disguise.

I heard an Irish politician on the radio today saying, “We must be realistic, but not pessimistic” which seems a good mantra.

I would like to think,  that after this recession we will have more realistic house prices, better regulation of the financial services, more personal responsibility for our own finances and even a return of domestic science to the national curriculum (for boys as well as girls) where they learn actual economical cooking rather than how to design a packet to market the food in!