Recently I saw a recruitment executive on TV who was giving advice on how to write a CV.  He said that to write a CV which will be read was to keep it quite short, but interesting. He said that would be employers wanted to know not only your educational qualifications and a list of  jobs, but what extra skills you had learned from them. 

This set me thinking about my CV.  At first I thought I have only ever done nursing and midwifery, but then I thought again.

My first paid “employment” was when I was about 9 years old and I was paid five shillings (25p) for two hours.  This wasn’t exploitation of  a child as I did have quite good fringe benefits.:)

My employer,  my adopted grandfather, who had a printing business, invited me to help him with stock taking, (I think he was finding a way to keep me occupied in the holidays!).  He called out the quantities of paper and card and I wrote down the size , colour, and quality etc.  (Strangely enough I did a similar job many years later  for Himindoors when he had a small gallery, but I didn’t get paid for that!)

After about 2 hours we went for high tea at one of the teashops in town and then to the theatre to watch the first house of a variety show. We went regularly to the theatre with my mother, but  usually we were up in the “Gods”. With Grandpa we sat in the dress circle and at the interval we were served with a tray of tea and biscuits which was brought to our seats…sheer luxury! I think you will agree that the fringe benefits were pretty good. This became a regular holiday job  and we tried out all the best tea shops so I gained experience in several fields,  not only the obvious ones like counting and writing legibly,  but also as a restaurant and theatre critic and how to make 25p stretch an awfully long way!