A couple of days ago  Jennie  challenged me to do the “100 books challenge” so here goes-

I will not repeat the list but I have read at least 52 of the books. Some of the others I have dipped into, but was not inspired to read further e. g. any of the Tolkiens, The Da Vinci code and Steinbeck. Others I have listened to on the radio in serialised form e.g. His Dark Materials, Hitchhikers Guide and War and Peace (this was over several weeks!)so haven’t bothered to read. The rest I have only vaguely heard of, or have heard abridged versions on the radio and will probably read in the future.

There are many not on the list which I think should be e.g. The Forsyte Saga, The Raj quartet, The Reachfar novels of Jane Duncan, most of Philippa Gregory historical novels.

As a child I read mostly school stories, the Chalet School and Dimsie  were favourites,and then the Jean Plaidy historical novels from which I managed to sort out which Kings reigned when and what battles and social changes occurred.

I also read biographies and true life accounts which often show different sides to events and sometimes changes my viewpoint and I hope makes me  a bit more tolerant!

One of the worrying things I find now is that I look along my bookshelves and know that at some time I have read almost all of the fiction, but some I pick up and remember very little or even nothing about them! Is this my age and failing memory or were they unmemorable books? 🙂