What is this media and Tory led obsession for the Prime Minister to say sorry for the financial crisis?

So many people have said sorry in the past few years for things over which they had no control, things that we all wish had never happened e.g. slavery, the potato famine in Ireland etc. but had no direct part in.

How genuine are these “Sorries”?

The bankers said , “Sorry”, but they didn’t hand back their huge bonuses or renounce their pensions or consultancy fees,  indeed they seem to be hanging on to them for grim death.

The Tories didn’t say,  “Sorry” for deregulating the banks and allowing  Building Societies to turn themselves into banks in the 80s. They haven’t said, “Sorry” for overloading the NHS with bureaucrats and letting “market forces” decide to put hospital cleaning out to tender, so that now no one appears to have responsibility for cleaning and they have to send in “deep cleaning” forces. This was once a weekly operation carried out by the regular domestic staff assigned to each ward (aided by the junior student nurses!)

The general public haven’t said “Sorry” for borrowing  far more than they could afford, to buy more expensive houses, luxury holidays and designer labels.  No one twisted their arms to take out these loans, or remortgage their house to release equity and have now found themselves in negative equity.  No one forced them to put their homes at risk by using them as security so that they could jump on the “buy to let” bandwagon in the hopes that someone else would be financing the mortgages in their portfolios, by high rents. 

I am still being offered loans, credit cards and “easy terms”, but as a pensioner I know what I can afford and live my life accordingly. 

Of course mistakes have been made, for the last 30 years, but I think an apology only has meaning if it is followed by actions to remedy it. I don’t know whether the present actions being taken will work- I am not an economist – but if it does that is apology enough for me.