This week has brought more activity again!

On Monday I visited the doctor for my six month checkup. So nice to ring and make an appointment without any hassle. When we first moved here we signed on with the nearest medical centre, reassured by the notice which stated “free access from 8.30am-11.30am, appointments with individual doctors pm). What we didn’t find out until I needed to see them was that the “free access” was only available to those who either arrived at the door at 8am or managed to get through on the congested telephone at 8am. Appointments needed to be booked up to 4 weeks ahead!

Needless to say we took our custom to the next surgery along which is far more user friendly and so far have no complaints.

Tuesday I went grocery shopping with Jennie, then we went to buy material for her to make a puppy costume, which is Cheeky’s request for his birthday next month. Isn’t it strange what little people ask for?

In the evening we all went to the cinema (Jennie, JW, Jo and me) to see Marley and me. They have all posted about it so I won’t bore you with my version. Sufficient to say that it lived up to my expectations. I had one thought that flashed through my head, “do film producers listen to the serials on BBC radio 4?”  I first heard, and was impressed enough to read the book, both this film and “Slumdog Millionnaire” (when it was Q and A) Perhaps I can forge a new career as a recommender of books suitable for filming!

Wednesday Jennie took me to see “Calendar Girls” as an early Mothering Sunday present. Luckily she had booked it months ago as it was a complete sell out. It was an audience about 99% female and I guess many of those were WI members, judging by the nudges, giggles and knowing looks as they identified with the actors and situations.

We had a lovely time, crowned for Jennie when she got her programme signed afterwards and spoke to Lynda Bellingham.

Cinema and theatre both in one week. I was lucky if it was both in one year while we lived in West Wales. I had forgotten the extra enjoyment you get by sharing the emotional tide and amusement with an audience.

I used to be a keen cinema fan, from the Saturday morning  club in the 40s, through my teenage years when I tried to copy the fashions of my favourites like Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn, to the previews we were invited to as Student Nurses. I well remember going to see “The Sound of Music” at 9am after a 12 hour night shift. We had skipped breakfast and before the main film we saw a short film promoting  “The March of Todd AO” which was a kind of 3D effect. It didn’t go well with  our empty stomachs and sleep deprived brains as we found ourselves on virtual rollercoasters or on virtual motor bikes narrowly avoiding crashes!

Thursday JW and I went out to buy new tiles and floorcovering for the new bathroom fitting. Before we set out he said “no blue or green. It’s too cold”  So what did we come back with?  Blue silver and white!  Perhaps he will thank me when the heatwave comes 🙂

Spent Friday catching up with the housework and doing the washing, which all dried outside for once.

Today I have come back to my blog and am trying to work out what Jennie did to my computer on Tuesday as the blog refuses to recognise me and insists I am Jennie! I assure you this is written by Granny Anne!!!