At last I have begun to rouse from my winter lethargy, only two months after Henry, our tortoise roused himself and came out of hibernation:) .

Last week a bright sunny day took me out into the garden for a bit of tidying up. It was the first time this year that I had done more than look through the gardening catalogues whilst wishing for a bit of the space in the garden we used to have. I was thoroughly spoilt in our previous house with a large potting shed, which had mains water, drainage and electricity, and a large polytunnel, so, I spent most winter afternoons sowing and pricking out a vast array of flowers and vegetables with which to fill those huge beds. Now, I can tidy the shrubs and weed the front garden in one afternoon and as usual the less there is to do the longer it takes to get motivated to start!

Once the activity was initiated we started thinking about the installation of a shower. We had talked about this since we moved here 15 months ago. We used to have both a bathroom and a shower room and almost invariably used the shower, but there is no room here for both, so the choice was a shower over the bath or remove the bath and replace it with a shower cubicle. We decided on the latter as we are both advancing in years and although, fortunately, we are both still active now, the time may come in a few years when we can no longer get in and out of a tub without assistance. We took the bull by the horns and ordered a rather splendid “shower cabin” and contacted a local plumber. The cabin, new tiles and floor covering are  now in our hall and the plumber is due on Tuesday (St Patrick’s Day) to begin work.

I am not looking forward to the chaos, but am sure that it will be splendid once done, just as the remodelling of the kitchen was last year giving me a really “user friendly” kitchen (Thanks to  JW, Jennie and Cheeky)

I may even get around to doing the back garden, tidying the small garden shed and finish unpacking the boxes in the garage. Don’t hold your breath JW 🙂