Jennie “memed” me to name my records etc. Having listened to Desert Island Disks for decades I decided to keep to their rules (sorry Jennie but I needed 8 records – at least.

I have very low brow tastes and would want  my records to bring back memories.

1)Lilli Marlene. My aunt used to teach me all the war time songs whilst she strummed her banjo and I am told that I was besotted with this one , so much so that it was difficult to get me past a lamp post until I had sung at least one verse! Perhaps I can recreate my childhood and dance around a palm tree.

2)The Ritual Firedance. My main interest outside school hours was dancing and when I was twelve I was chosen to take part in a Festival of Britain celebration ballet and the finale was a veryexciting and energetic dance called the ritual firedance performed by the whole company.

3)Hallelujah Chorus. Every year the school speech day was a very grand affair at the Albert Hall (Nottingham) and after the prize giving and speeches we  gave a concert  which we had rehearsed for weeks before. The last item was always a spirited rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus by the whole school.

4)The Twist – Chubby Checker. This would remind me of the Matron’s Ball. The year there had been a smallpox outbreak in nearby Wolverhampton so we all had to be re-vaccinated. As we sank  down into our very full evening gown skirts, the upper arms adorned with plasters over the smallpox scars became very noticeable.  

5)Per Spelman. This was a folk song and dance about a fiddler called Per which was very popular when I first visited Norway.

6) Hey Jude! When I first started going out with JW he took me to a pub just off Kensington High Street where they had a regular jazz group. This became a regular feature of our week. As well as jazz they also played Beatles songs and the most memorable of these was Hey Jude! 

7)Hawaiian Wedding Song by Elvis Presley. I would have to have one of “the King’s” records and this would remind me of the one time my sister-in-law did something special for me and had it played on local radio on my wedding day.

8)Anything from Fiddler on the Roof. This would remind me of the excellent production Jennie was in at school.

I also demand the books provided on the radio too! viz The Bible and Complete works of Shakespeare. For my choice I would have the OED. I can lose myself looking up obscure words and would help pass the time.

My luxury would be huge supply of paper and pencils then I can indulge myself writing endless lists, draw or write the novels  I think of writing, but never get around to.

I nominate Margaret, doggonedmysteries and Pete to follow this meme.