So much has been written recently about Jade Goody and I guess mostly written by people who knew her no better than I did.

I never watched Big Brother, so all I “knew” about her is what I read in the papers or saw on TV. What I saw, originally, was a loud rather silly young woman who seemed to be famous for her ignorance. What I have seen in recent weeks has been a young mother trying to make the best provision possible for her two young sons after her death. She has shown that she had far more intelligence than I had given her credit for, in that she realised how her own upbringing had made her into the person she became ( or the public face we saw), and wanted a better future for her children, which is surely what we all aspire to for our own families.

If nothing else she has raised the profile of cervical cancer in young women and there has been a marked increase in young women going for the test, and maybe will save other families from the sorrow of her own family.

I  cannot understand those who think it necessary to write derogatory comments about her way of handling her illness. It was her choice and if that gave her some small comfort then so be it. I know that there are many people  in this sad situation who handle it differently, but whether we approve of “celebrities” or not, they are a fact of modern life so we old folk just have to accept it!

I sometimes think, when I read about ignorance, villainy and even wickedness, “How would I have turned out if I had had a different upbringing?”  I do not come from a wealthy background, financially, but I was surrounded by a loving family with decent moral standards and was supported in my hopes and aspirations to follow a career I loved. I have been blessed with a happy marriage, lovely daughter and son in law and gorgeous grandsons.

I send my condolences to Jade’s family and hope that her wishes for her boys to be well educated and cared for will be fulfilled. That will be her legacy to them.