Yesterday was JW‘s  birthday. We spent a quiet morning.  His MP4 arrived with the morning post, so he happily spent the morning playing with it and marvelling over it.  I, at last, got around to icing the cake originally intended for Christmas and turned it into a birthday cake!  Jennie  and the boys came over after school bearing their handmade cards and gifts and then GG came from work and joined us for the evening meal. The boys had sparkling cranberry juice, which GG told them was rose wine, until sharply corrected by Jennie who had horrors at the thought of Cheeky informing his teacher that Grandma had fed them two glasses of rose wine!

It was very satisfying to see them clear their plates, they eat everything including vegetables without any fuss, so Jennie obviously she has a better technique than I did with her at that age!

We watched an episode of “Dad’s Army” and it was great to see that they laughed as much as we did first time around. Cheeky kept us amused with his impressions of the famous catch phrases and Handsome did his “magic tricks” with varying degrees of success.

As well as his conventional cards Jennie and I had sent JW  two of the amusing action Ecards  and while I was doing that I had sent one to MSMF ( my Scottish musician friend)  who shares the same birthday. MSMF sent me a thank you card and asked if I remembered celebrating his 25th birthday in Rio. How could I forget that? I shall do a separate post on that or this one will be too long.