My grandsons have the mistaken idea that I know everything, started by me watching Doctor Who and knowing the monsters and no doubt cultivated by their mother for when she gets awkward questions.:)

Yesterday the youngest, aged 4, gave me a real poser, “What happens if God dies?”

As I floundered around JW pronounced “God was, is and ever more shall be”  No doubt culled from his memories of his early religious training by a Jesuit priest.

Cheeky himself declared, “The world would die and we would die” and shrugged gloomily.

Handsome  contributed, ” He would just come alive again , wouldn’t he?”  then added “Where was he born?”

I replied “In heaven, I suppose”

“What?” he asked, “so he had died already then because you have to die before you can go to heaven”

All this was getting a bit beyond me and I was wishing that my blog friends Pete   and Peter were available for a bit of spiritual guidance. Pete especially as he has small boys of his own.

It is said that you should sleep on a problem and it seems to work because I woke up this morning with an answer which I think may satisfy him. He is like Dr Who and regenerates. I think he would understand that being such a Dr Who fan.

Come to think of it isn’t that what Handsome said , more or less?