Second post for the  nablopomo challenge.

When I was very small I thought everyone in the world was related to me! This is not really surprising as many of the  people in the in the small market town where I spent my first 3 1/2 years were. My grandfather had been one of twenty four children, all of whom had survived into adulthood, married and produced a multitude of cousins for my father. Some emigrated to Canada and Australia or into the city,  but many of them remained within walking distance of my home, so although all my grandparents had died before my birth, there was no shortage of elder statesmen to take their place.

My mother was the youngest of 12-14 children (there is some doubt about how many died in childhood, my mother said she was the twelfth her sister claimed she was the fourteenth) Seven lived into adulthood, one died in his forties and one was killed at Loos in 1918. She also had many cousins also with families.

Most of the young cousins were boys and I was the youngest girl by about 15 years so I had the strange idea that girls turned into boys and then some of them turned back in their mid teens:)

We were a very close knit family and frequently visited one another, took holidays and Christmases together, handed on clothes, surplus vegetables, furniture etc.

When I was 3 we moved into Nottingham and I discovered that there were other people in the world who were not related to us, which was quite a shock.