Today was my eldest grandson “Handsome’s” eighth birthday and we celebrated with a family lunch. I was amazed at how much he has grown up over the past year. He chose the restaurant, issued his own invitations and  booked the table. It is lovely to see him so confident. I also appreciate the fact that we all get on so well together as a family. He invited us, GG’s mother, sister and her partner, great uncle and godmother. It really felt like a “proper old fashioned family do”  I know  many people who don’t get on with their in-laws and it is so sad, they are missing so much. Our family ranged in age from 4- 86 and we all enjoy meeting  and catching up with one another.

The meal was very good and at the end the restaurant staff brought over his cake and a “crown” made from balloons and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. I suppose it is a sign of his growing up that he asked for a lemon drizzle cake rather than one shaped like a TARDIS  or light sabre etc.

The younger grandson also behaved very well. It is a delight to be able to take them out without having to apologise for their behaviour or food fads, all credit to Jennie  and GG in their parenting skills!