Today we went into Cardiff to visit the RHS show. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day so it was a lovely day out. I was supposed to me meeting a friend from West Wales, but we did not manage to find each other, so I was extra pleased that JW  had offered to go with me. He is more into agricultural shows than flower shows, so it was very noble of him 🙂

It is quite a small show compared to Chelsea or Shrewsbury, but it was very well organised, and I think, with my aching hips, it is the right size for me to get round.

While I can resist clothes, fashion items etc.etc. I am like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to plants and books, but am trying to curb this since we moved, and, since (even when we had a big garden) JW always groans, “Not more plants” I was thrilled when I was trying to choose just one of three beautiful alstromeiras he said, “Why not have them all, I’ll pay!”

I bought a few more dwarf plants, but was fairly restrained! and JW carried them home for me. We enjoyed seeing the wheelbarrows decorated by the school children, some of which were very imaginative, a few looked as though there was quite a bit of adult input, but most looked as though the children had a lot of fun with them.

They didn’t have the big show gardens of  Chelsea of course, but they did have a few small eco friendly gardens.

I don’t know what happened to B.—I had even remembered to charge and switch on my mobile phone too! but she will probably be down again soon anyway.

We arrived home a bit aching and foot sore but ,very happy with my purchases. That front lawn will have to go!!