As I mentioned in a previous post, when we moved into this house 18 months ago there was a neat garden which was very pretty in the summer, but quite dull in the other seasons. I waited patiently for most of the next year to see what would appear and was disappointed that there were no bulbs, so last autumn I planted dozens of varieties  and hoped they would bring some colour to the spring. Luckily almost everything has come up, snowdrops, aconites,crocuses and chionodoxia early on, then the mini daffs, tulips,  iris reticulata  and grape hyacinths. Now the bluebells are coming out and the dog toothed violets. I have also scattered primulas and violas around (these I rescued from Tesco’s “manky plants ” shelf for a nominal sum and have all thrived with a bit of TLC)

Because the garden is small, we had the conifers removed from the side and I have now planted a tayberry and a thornless blackberry against the exposed wall. JW  removed the box hedge, (which our friendly local plumber was delighted to take for his garden.) In its place I have planted raspberry canes and a couple of currant bushes.

JW unwound the grapevine from the trellis arch, pruned it and trained it along the other wall along wires. It seems to have survived the treatment and is uncurling its leaves. I have planted some trailing strawberry plants under the wires in the hopes that if they can trail, they can also be trained to climb.:)

My “mini orchard” in pots has survived the winter and is covered in blossom, (2 apples,a pear, a peach and a fig) I don’t expect fruit this year but live in hopes for future years!

Lettuce and other salad crops will have to be grown in containers because I think Henry would be unable to resist the temptation of organic veg (that is also one of the reasons why I am trying climbing strawberries!)

I have a few more ideas but the eventual hope is to have an attractive, manageable garden which gives us a few edible crops.