I am sorry that I have not posted for such a long time. We went on a super family holiday to Malta (more of that in a later post) and when I came back I seemed to have not only a writer’s block but a technophobic block too and didn’t even switch on the computer very much. I used all the usual blocking ploys, tidied the drawers, sorted out old catalogues, filled recyling bags with redundant papers, old clothes etc. in fact anything rather than write a post. I don’t know why, because I enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs, and feel as though some of my regular commenters are old friends, so sorry I have been out of touch. As my lovely daughter reminded me, at my age I really should warn people that I am going away, but will be back!!

This reminded me of the time I worked for an elderly GP in West London. When he took a holiday shortly after I joined the practice, the receptionist put up a notice saying that he was on holidayand the date he would return.  She explained that previously he had gone on holiday without putting up a notice and the rumour went round the district that he was dead and some of his old patients were, naturally, very upset and kept calling round to express their condolences, so now they always put the notice up! 

Anyway now I am back and will try to post regularly, thank you for your patience.