My lovely husband  has decided that as my birthday next week will be a “special” one (three score and ten), he has arranged a special present for me –  a cruise around the Baltic!

He knows that I love travelling by sea and am temperamentally more suited to Northern climes than hot Southern ones, so it was a toss up between Iceland, Norway, or the Baltic cities and this time the Baltic won. We shall be visiting Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallin, Stockholm and Warnemunde (Germany) then travelling back via the Kiel Canal.

We have been having a lovely time choosing our shore excursions. I think we, can manage Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tallin under our own steam, but we have booked guided tours in Russia (easier than applying for individual visas), a day trip and tour around Berlin from Warnemunde, and a cruise around Helsinki. These are now all booked and paid for so all we have to do now is pack our bags, get a few roubles, krone and euros from the bank and wait to be whisked off on our magical trip at the end of August!

It is 40 years since I was in Copenhagen and Stockholm so they will probably be as strange to me as the other cities ( most of which have been on my wish list for years), but it will be wonderful to see them again, and to see how rusty my Norwegian has become. 🙂

I think the travel bug has bitten JW too now, since we went to Malta, because he is already talking about visiting Norway and revisiting Malta. We will have to make a list of  all the places and work our way through them whilst our health and the money lasts! Let’s see. Various parts of the UK, Ireland, Italy………….