Yesterday I reached my three score and ten so, as my father once said,  “I am in injury time now!” 

The day started with breakfast in bed and a “tuneful” rendition of “Happy birthday”  from my lovely husband . He wished me a Happy 35th ( second time around) birthday. I spent the rest of the morning at the hairdresser for my two monthly trim and tidy up.  After lunch I had a lovely time arranging the beautiful bouquets, one a big bunch of mixed flowers from JW which I had to divide it into two vases.



 I have identified all the flowers except one. Can anyone help with the name of this one below please?




The second arrangement



The other bouquet was a dozen gorgeous apricot coloured roses from our young friend Maria.


After school Jennie and her two sons arrived with their presents and cards (the cards very cleverly made by Jennie and Handsome.) Cheeky is painting me a picture in acrylics, but it not quite finished. I am impressed by his colour mixing and attention to detail.

Jennie also came laden with homemade cakes, bicuits and sweet and savoury scones, strawberries and raspberries and a scrumptious chocolate birthday cake. JW had made a fresh loaf, so he contributed sandwiches. I have often bemoaned the passing of high street cafes which served delicious afternoon teas, so she decided to rectify this and when GG arrived we had a superb afternoon tea (I even donned a floaty frock for the occasion. 🙂 )


It was a lovely way to celebrate my birthday with my immediate family around me, so thanks to all of you.