My blog friend  has tagged me to write seven things I think are amazing about me!

1) I have been married for nearly 36 years to a lovely man who had a different religion, different politics and different temperament from me , but somehow it has all worked well! He puts up with my hoarding and book collecting, and very patiently builds me shelves and cupboards to make the most of our restricted space, when I am sure he would rather take it all down to the charity shop. 🙂

2) Together we have produced a lovely caring daughter,  who has in turn presented us with two gorgeous grandsons.

3) I have twice  (nearly 3 times) been bartered! The first time was when my elder brother swapped me for a rabbit. ( ten minutes later  he was crying to get his baby sister back, and spent the rest of our childhood taking care of me.)

I was nearly swapped a second time when I went ashore with my Scottish Musician friend in South America. An oily little man on the quay side slid forward and offered him one of his “daughters”. My SMF declined the offered and indicated that he was with me. Oily man’s eyes lit up and he offered a sum of money plus one of the daughters. I was not best pleased when my SMF pretended to consider the offer.

The next time was when we were newly engaged and my husband designed and built a splendid new greenhouse for my father. Ever after that Dad always said he swapped me for a greenhouse.

4) I once danced naked on stage. I was 4 at the time and was given my first solo, a very simple little dance as Cupid. I was dressed in a frilly little ballet dress and carried a cardboard bow and arrows. My naughty brother convinced me that this looked silly because Cupid didn’t wear clothes, so as soon as I was left on the side of the stage  and the curtains opened I whipped off the skirt  and leapt onto the stage and pranced around, until forcibly carried off. Poor Grandad R , who owned the school, would probably find himself on the sex offenders register nowadays!

5) I once delivered a baby in the back of a car. It was in a small border town in Scotland and the patient had left it a bit late to come in and the baby was already on its way out when they arrived at the cottage hospital, so it came amidst the rousing sound of the town fife and drums practising nearby.

6) I  was the only person to get German measles when I lived in a tiny village up in the mountains in Norway. Where the germ came from no one could work out. It was not in the tourist season, so there were no strangers around and there were only two day trains through the village, and I was living about a mile from the station. It remains a mystery.

7) When I started to investigate my family history I went to the wonderful Nottingham Archives and in one afternoon traced my father’s family back to the 17 c. (including discovering that my great grandfather had 24 children!)

I now have to tag 7  friends

My husband  and daughter  of course, they are my best friends!

Margaret –I enjoy her “ramblings” and wordly advice.

Pete the Pastor who makes me stop and think.

Welsh Purple tree  because she seems such an optimistic person.

Homespun Highlights  because she writes anecdotes from her childhood and it is interesting to see how many similarities there are with my childhood even though there is an ocean between us.

Midwifemuse  because she gives a balanced view of the NHS today, without the histrionics of some of the nursing blogs.