After writing the previous post it struck me that the most amazing thing of all is that my generation has survived for 70 years!

We were born pre NHS, antibiotics, “Elf and Safety” and sex offenders registers etc.

We have lived through a world war, a cold war and wars from the far East to the middle East, the Balkans and various parts of Africa. We have survived terrorists attacks from the Irish dissidents, Islamic fundamentalists and any other group with a grievance.

There have been outbreaks of TB, polio, smallpox, typhoid, food poisoning,  CJD and SAARS.

I have had Hong Kong ‘flu, Asian ‘flu and the occasional seasonal ‘flu.

We survived rationing for 15 years.

When I hear politicians and journalists warning of the “austerity” to come after the latest financial debacle, I think of the years after the war when rationing became even more stringent. The country was covered in bomb sites leading to  a dire shortage  in the housing and the factory stock. Most people had no stock of clothes and possessions to fall back on and many people had to start carving a new career after spending 6-7 years on war work and repair relationships which had had a 7 year separation thrust upon them .

There has been a recession in most decades, but somehow we have come through them and jumped onto the spending bandwagon in the following “boom”

Through the years we have had warnings  from the government and media.

In the war years we were told that if we infringed the blackout rules Nazi bombs would rain down on us, careless talk would cost lives. The latter was interpreted by my brother and cousins to mean that the Nazis would “go after” our relatives if we revealed where they were. This resulted in me telling anyone who asked after my Dad that he was stationed at Trusthorpe, as that was the only seaside I knew! ( I don’t suppose that any 5th columnist went looking for the non existant RN station in that tiny East coast village, but you never know!)

From the 50s to the 90s  we had the threat of Nuclear Wars. Those with the space and money were advised to build a nuclear shelter. The rest of us were told to prepare a room in the house and use various methods to lessen the danger from nuclear fallout.  We were also told that we would have a 4 minute warning to get to this room!!

Over the years we have been exhorted to “go to work on an egg” ,to avoid eggs  because of Salmonella. To “drink a pinta milka day”, restrict dairy foods because of cholesterol. Depending on the decade many foods and activities have been, good for us, bad for us or carcinogenic depending which “think tank” is pronouncing at the time.

I think I am a fatalist and just echo my Dad’s belief that when my time comes it comes, whatever I do or don’t do!