Yesterday I decided that I would try to get into “blog mode” again. Tomorrow I thought I will start on the NaBloPoMo again and the theme for August is Tomorrow, so here goes!

I looked up the definition in the OED and found

1) The day after today

2)The near future

3) Tomorrow week– a week from  tomorrow

4)Like there was no tomorrow–completely without restraint.

I can think of other interpretations of tomorrow which I shall explore in later posts, which may not be dictionary definitions but it is what tomorrow has meant to me in past times.

For today I am thinking about the immediate tomorrow August 2nd 2009. I hope the weather is better than today because I want to go out into the garden and thin the grapes, in the hope we will get bunches of reasonably sized grapes this year.

I had never grown grapes until we moved to this house where there was a well established vine, but it was wound round an archway and difficult to reach. JW  painstakingly unwound it last Autumn and trained it along wires.

I think last year I was too kind to it and left too many little grapes and too many bunches, so I am trying to be more ruthless this year and have trimmed the branches back and limited the number of bunches. I started thinning the actual grapes but it is very fiddly and time consuming, so there is still a lot to do, so hope for fine weather for me please.