This week I have done a couple of things which had been on my “I’ll do that sometime” mental list.

JW  and I had been saying ever since we moved here that we would go to an auction sale now we were in the city.

We had watched programmes on TV and I frequently saw things in the background which took my fancy more than the items on the programme, but had never been to an auction in real life.

We went to the viewing day and saw a few things which I quite liked, but everything was in mixed lots. They didn’t seem to be selling things singly. I would maybe have tried my luck on bidding on a nest of oak tables but I really did not want to be lumbered with the seven kitchen chairs and the monk’s bench which accompanied it!

I think we had chanced on a sale of goods from house clearances because the smaller things were in lots of very mixed articles, incomplete dinner services, cutlery, ornaments and hideous vases. It was like a trip down Memory Lane, china like Aunt Cis’s in this group, like Grandad R’s in that one etc. If we were not so pushed for space, and I was not trying to thin my possessions, I would have loved to buy one of the boxes of mixed goods and rummage through it!

We did not go back for the actual sale but at least we have found the auction room now and can keep an eye open for the more specialised sales.

Jennie  has been thinning down her possessions too, so we thought we might have a stall at a boot sale sometime. We went down to Splott today to see what the prospects were. There were a lot of trade stalls, and the ordinary “car booters”  didn’t  seem to be doing much business, so we abandoned that idea, but Jennie is going to another one soon to see if that is more promising.

I didn’t buy very much but I did find a couple of new paperback books. One, the final part of the Michael Dobbs set about Churchill ,and the other a replacement for my very tatty copy of “The sins of the fathers” by Susan Howatch which is the follow up to “The rich are different”. It felt very strange when I replaced the book on the bookshelf and dropped the old tattered copy in the recycling bin. I don’t think I have ever thrown a book away before 🙂 

Maybe at the next sale I will find another nest of tables and the sort of bureau bookcase which I see in the background of the TV programmes,  and Jennie will find a boot sale where the customers are clamouring for my surplus  lamps and crockery etc. or maybe the charity shops will benefit even more!