This morning  JW was enthusing about a new music site he had found. He remarked, “Just think what fun Phil would have had with the internet!”

Phil was his uncle and they both shared a passion for jazz. Whenever we visited them, or they visited us, the two of them would spend all their spare time comparing concerts they had been to, or records they had found. They discussed all the old time musicians, arguing amicably over the various merits of some of them. I am sure Phil would have embraced all the new technology, after all he bought top of the range equipment to indulge his hobby.

This set us off on a flight of imagination about our other relatives and how they would have coped with modern technology.

My mother, mother-in-law and JW’s aunt would probably have joined Jennie in her surf around craft sites, and printed off patterns and instructions, and bought their materials from the discount sites.

My father would have been a very enthusiastic “nerd”. He loved new gadgets, we were the first family in our road to have an electric washing machine, TV etc.  He bought himself a typewriter and taught himself to type, because he thought typed exam papers looked more professional and tape recorders to record his lectures!

I think my dad would have been a keen surfer, emailer and blogger. He would probably have had a site giving lectures on first aid. All the technicalities would have been explained to him by JW, as he regarded JW as the oracle, but he would only have needed to be shown once, not like his daughter, who will have forgotten what Jennie or JW have shown her by tomorrow 🙂

Going back a further generation, I don’t think they would have been so receptive. I think they would have been a bit distrustful, just like me, and holding a vague suspicion that there is a mysterious and possibly malign creature there waiting to get one over on me, but nevertheless, still amazed at the information available, if I only press the right buttons.