Am I alone in doubting the sincerity of public figures trotting out their apologies?

We seem to have had a plethera of them recently, but it seems to be just words, I don’t feel there is any remorse in them, just an easy way out of an embarassing situation.

We had the bankers apologising for their poor management, these are the very clever people who would go abroad to work if they didn’t receive obscene pay packages. Did they show remorse when they left their “apology session” and picked up their massive pension pots?

We had a succession of grovelling apologies  (after they were exposed in the press!)  from MPs who had “mistakenly” claimed for their garden maintenance, nannies, moat cleaning, duck islands, children’s services, rates rebates etc. etc.  All these things essential for their duties as MPs, of course!

I feel sorry for the honest MPs who had only claimed for their legitimate expenses. I have no quarrel with MPs who live far away from London being paid  “away from home expenses”, after all we don’t want a parliament of only those with a private income to support them, as it was in previous centuries.

The latest apology, from Alan Duncan, was I think more of an apology to his party for embarassing them, than anything else. Even if he really was joking, as he claimed, he must have been thinking it for it to have been in his mind.

David Cameron tried to damp down the news saying that Alan Duncan “had made a mistake” and had apologised so we should  “leave it at that!”  Obviously the party would like to do that, but I don’t think that is his decision to make. I hope the electorate will store all these little slips in its  memory and decide how much the Tory party has really changed.

 Remember raising the level for death duty to £1M,  raising the tax threshold to £10,500, the think  tank suggesting charging for visiting the GP, abolishing the bus pass for the elderly and disabled. Now we have Mr Duncan saying that MP’s salary of £60,000 + is rations!  If  it is can I have my ration book please 🙂

When public figures come along  with their apologies, I would feel less cynical if their further actions demonstrated that too.