Why have the opponents of Mr Obama started attacking our NHS? It is obvious from some of their hysterical claims that those making them have no personal experience of it at all. I know that it is not perfect, ( I have criticised it myself at times,) but at least we try to treat everyone when they need it.

US medicine is second to none if you are fully insured, but, if you  are one of the 40 million uninsured or one of those who are under insured, life must be very grim and frightening. What is going to happen to those who lose their jobs and either cannot afford the monthly payments, or lose the insurance which came with the job?  The stress they are already under makes them more likely to need medical care than ever.

I saw a programme on TV recently showing the huge crowd at a sports stadium in one of the southern states waiting  for free medical treatment from a charity which normally  takes medical help to the Third World!

It has not been a good week for Mr Cameron has it? Now he has one of his MEPs trashing the NHS on American TV, and  excuses it by saying that the MEP is “eccentric!” That’s alright then, except that other MPs in his party have said they agree.

I have been fortunate in that I, and my family,  have been lucky with our health, but have been extremely glad that it was there when we needed it. When I had my daughter , in 1979,  I had had a difficult obstetric history, but, thanks to Mr Filshie and Peel St Hospital in Nottingham, I had excellent care which could not have been bettered however much I could have paid.

For the last few years I have had my B/P monitored, and kept at the right level with free medication, which I would have found difficult to afford without the NHS.

What happens to preventative medicine if you are uninsured?

When the right wing think tank suggested recently that we should pay for every visit to the GP, my first thought was that all the years of persuading women to go to well women clinics, ante natal clinics, infant welfare, vaccination programmes etc would now be wasted, as the patients decide that they have something more pressing to spend the money on?

Presumably there would be exemptions as there were with prescription charges, so how  would they decide that? 

 Who would administer collecting these fees? Would they really make much money on it by the time another layer of bureaucrats  and their assistants had been paid?

What is going to happen to the uninsured  when they start the “swine ‘flu” vaccinations? Will they just have to take their chances, or will charities give them? Surely these are the people most at risk of complications.

I hope Mr Obama can overcome the objections of his opponents and get  at least basic care to everyone in the USA, irrespective of class or creed. I hope that the general public in the USA will realise that the Tory MEP detractor has probably no more personal acquaintance with the NHS than they have, and that they could still have private medicine instead, just as those who can afford it can here.