It is an offence to  use a mobile phone whilst driving. I think there should be another offence added to that…. chatting on a mobile phone when in charge of a child. I know that it could be necessary to use one to make an emergency call, but not to have a gossip session.

This morning, while I was waiting for a bus there was a mother and her small child. The child, who could not have been more that two years old was rushing round the outside of the shelter, which is situated on the edge of a very busy road. The mother had her phone glued to her ear and spent the ten minutes alternately denigrating the child’s father, listening for a minute and then, “Ooh no! …He didn’t…. I don’t blame you.”

She seemed completely oblivious of the potential danger to the child, whilst I was worried sick!

When the bus arrived she said to her phone friend, “Gotta go now, see. I’ll meet you in half an hour in town!” So not exactly an urgent call was it?