There have been many changes in my lifetime and one of the most noticeable of these is the trend towards everything to be instant. Instant food, instant fame, instant wealth. I remember when we were thrilled to have an Amstrad word processor and sat patiently while it ground out the printed pages.  Now we drum our fingers impatiently when the broadband keeps us waiting a few seconds! 

Our childhood seemed to be much longer than that of today’s children. Many quite small children seem to be wearing mini designer copies of adult clothes and there were even mini bra’s for the under tens on sale, why? They even have children’s make-up kits. I know that most of us have played with our mother’s make-up at times, but make-up to go out in at that age! I have even seen young teenagers, who have only just started developing, saying that they are saving up for a “boob job.”  It seems such a shame that they are missing out on the fun of being young.

I have heard children on TV who, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, reply, “Famous!” Not what they want to be  famous for, just famous. I suppose they see so many who become famous and have no particular talent, other than being a friend or relative of someone else who is famous, that instant riches are dangled in front of their eyes. It is not part of their plan to spend hours every day, sometimes for many years, perfecting their chosen aim, whether it be music, dance, acting or sport etc. No they want it now, no waiting.

Food has to be instant too. I saw a couple at the frozen food counter last week. She had picked up a prepared fish dish and handed it to him asking, “What do you have to do with it?” He peered at it and read out, “Put it in the oven for 20 mins.” “Oh,” she said, “What a long time!” 

 Some things were quicker when we were young, one was a decision from the bank manager if we wanted a loan or overdraft. The manager knew his customers and he made the decision, not some anonymous machine miles away. He was also quite likely to ring you up if there was a query about your account, he didn’t just let debts upon debts pile up.

Another thing that was quicker was the post. We  could post a letter in the morning and it would be delivered in the afternoon, no first and second class either.

Reports come out saying that more people are depressed now, maybe if they slowed down and enjoyed what they have while they have it and opted out of the rat race, they would be less depressed.