Well, project number one, the knitted bolero is finished. The Firefly yarn is very odd to knit with, (it is two threads with silky bits in between) so I had to concentrate as it is easy to knit twice into the same stitch, however it gives an interesting texture when it is finished. It was a bit of a gamble as I adapted a pattern I already had, which was for a different yarn, but it seems to have worked out OK.

Project number two is the evening dress. Again this was using an old pattern which I had adapted. This one was more complicated, so it has taken me longer than the couple of days I was anticipating, as I have had to unpick a few bits and redo them. Some of the techniques were a bit rusty too, so I couldn’t do them on auto pilot as I used to do them.

I got so frustrated with one bit of it this afternoon, that I was tempted to put the lot into the rag bag, however I had a break from it for an hour, when Jennie and the boys called in to see us, and I decided to give it one more go and it all fell into place like magic, so it just needs finishing off now.

It is now countdown time to our “Awfully Big Adventure” so I don’t think I will start any more projects before we go!