Life on board seemed to agree with me, as I slept more soundly than I do at home and woke at a reasonable time!

After a splendid breakfast, once again there was a huge choice and one needed a bit of will power to avoid gluttony,  JW   and I went to a talk about the wonders of Copenhagen.

Richard Jarmain was a lecturer who filled you with the desire to see it all. We had decided to “do our own thing” in Copenhagen, relying on my “rusty” Norwegian and far away memories of having been there before.

For the rest of the morning we wandered about exploring the ship. There were lots of activities to join in had we wanted to, from Tai Chi to ping pong, from inspecting the library to watching a film, but we were quite happy just to meander around or look at the sea.

We went to early lunch at midday so that we would be finished in time to watch the entry into the Kiel Canal.

I was interested to compare our transit to the transit I made of the Panama Canal 40 years ago.

The Kiel Canal is 98.637 Km long and takes about 8 hours from the North Sea to the Baltic. It is through much flatter land that Panama, as there seemed to be only locks at each end, whereas I seem to remember many locks taking you up and over the hills in Panama.

Beginning of Kiel Canal

Beginning of Kiel Canal


It is a very busy waterway, not only big passenger ships and cargo ships but leisure sailors on their yachts and frequent car ferry services darting in and out, from one side to the other, between the heavier ships cruising along.

It is far gentler countryside than I remember in Panama, with straight regular sides to the canal, and occasional camp sites and pretty villages. There were also many windfarms in the adjoining fields. 

One of the many Windfarms alongside the canal

One of the many Windfarms alongside the canal

We spent the whole afternoon just hanging over the side watching our progress and taking pictures. (Must admit  JW  is  far more thorough than me at this, I tend to just stand and stare and feel great at having the sea beneath my feet again, and then have to cadge his pictures when we get home :))

One of the car ferries waiting its chance to dart across!

One of the car ferries waiting its chance to dart across!

We had another splendid meal in the evening and got to know our table companions better. I found a soulmate in Barbara, who sat to my right. She like me, is an inveterate giggler and people watcher, so , over the next two weeks we gossiped and kept each other entertained!

After dinner there was the usual range of entertainments available, but we were happy to sit in the lounge and listen to 2gether, a husband and wife team, who played and sang easy listening tunes (JW will probably write more about the musical entertainment )

We joined in the quiz and met our new quiz friend, John, and then went off to bed, where once again I slept like a top and woke early to watch us dock in Copenhagen.