The journey from Tallin to Stockholm was a bit rockier than we had had previously on this cruise, but JW  and I enjoyed it. The rocking motion,  as our doughty little ship, Ocean Majesty, ploughed through the waves, had a soporific effect on me so I did not have much time to enjoy the view from the cabin and woke up next morning to find the sea had gone flat again. JW stayed up late taking photographs from the upper decks.

We were amazed to find that those who had been loudest in their bragging about how widely travelled they were, were complaining the most about the “awful storm” we had passed through. I am not sure where they did their travelling before, but it wasn’t the Irish Sea, the North Sea or the Atlantic in the winter months unless they had been extremely fortunate!

The entrance to Stockholm, along a fjord dotted with small woody islands must rank amongst the most beautiful in Europe.

We took the shuttle bus into the centre, only to get caught up in traffic. We had arrived at the same time as a much bigger cruise boat had disgorged its huge crowd of passengers. There was also a large police presence as the EU ministers were meeting there. We saw lots of escorted cars, but didn’t recognise anyone.

We chose to go on a boat trip around the islands and canals.

South Djurgaarden from the harbour boat

South Djurgaarden from the harbour boat

To the left of this picture is the amusement park, which was much easier to see when it was lit up at night. To the right (for those with sharp eyesight, or a magnifying glass :)) are two cranes which have been painted to look like giraffes!

After the boat trip we were quite lazy and contented ourselves with a stroll through the park. There was an open air concert in aid of charity, refreshments at outdoor tables and attractive flower beds.

Kungstrad gaarden

Kungstrad gaarden

I thought this understated bed was very attractive.

The Royal Palace and Riksdag (parliament) were the centres  of much activity, so we just took a few more pictures and hope to go back another time.


                                                     Approaching the harbour

Once again, we had had a taster of the many delights on offer, and once again we had been blessed with glorious weather.