Wow what a year this has been! In the last twelve months I have been to more places and events than I have in the previous 20 years.

We started with the trip to London to see Hamlet, then we have seen several West End productions here in Cardiff, several visits to the cinema, my first holiday by air for 25  years, to Malta, the recent cruise and now my first ever pop concert!

Most of these (except the cruise) are down to my daughter’s  determination to prove that 70 is not old. 🙂

Last year when we first saw that Cliff and the Shadows were doing a reunion tour, and that they were coming to Cardiff, we could not resist, especially as JW  offered to pay for the tickets.

Jennie booked the tickets on the day the booking office opened, (a few minutes after it opened actually) which was just as well as it was rapidly a complete sell out.

The year has flown by and October 6th was soon upon us. When we arrived at the Cardiff International Arena, the pavements were thronged with people, many with grey or white hair, predominantly female. Coaches were disgorging more  from all parts of Wales and the West country, but all were very orderly and friendly.

Jennie had chosen the seats well and we had a splendid view. The performance started with a filmed bit and then the stage was lit up and Cliff, Hank and Bruce were waving and grinning at the audience. They have all aged very well, and there was an excited roar of welcome from the audience and then we settled down to listen to the music, contented to sway and sing along. As the evening wore on the swaying became more pronounced, the applause louder and you could see us all shedding years until we back to our teens again!

Just before the interval the Shadows did a set on their own of their number one hits, which was rapturously received.

During the interval, all inhibitions had gone and we were chattering away as though we really were teenagers again. Even the men accompanying their partners had lost their resigned “I’m only here to indulge the wife,” look, and admitted they were enjoying it.

After the interval Cliff came back on for about 40 minutes and then Hank and Bruce took over, exchanged good humoured badinage, and then,together with their excellent drummer, Brian Bennet, bass guitarist, Mark Griffiths and keyboard player, Warren Bennet, played the penultimate set. By the time Cliff came back on the audience were all standing and shouting for more. We weren’t exactly dancing in the aisles, but close to dancing in our seats! ( I did wonder what all our grandchildren would have thought had they seen us!)

At the end of the evening everyone filed out, We didn’t smash anything, I didn’t catch a whiff of any wacky baccy, or see anyone popping pills, but there was such a feeling of happiness  and friendship around that I wish I could have bottled it to sprinkle around!

We arrived home still up on cloud nine, so thank you  JW for indulging your wife and daughter and thank you Jennie for refusing to let me feel old.