When we moved to Cardiff (nearly 2 years ago) we decided that we would need a new three piece suite, as the one which had fitted into our large sitting room in the previous house, now dwarfed the much smaller sitting room here.

As we are not the sort of people who follow fashion and change furniture frequently, ( in fact we have changed our furniture very infrequently in our 36 years together) so,on the law of averages,  the next suite needed to be one which would fit our needs for the forseeable future and accomodate our increasing age!

Twenty-five years ago, when my mother was becoming increasingly disabled, we bought her a couple of armchairs from the High Seat Chair company. We had had to do this by mail order as there was nothing suitable on the high street. Things haven’t changed much, as we had scoured the shops in town and found nothing suitable. The seats were  too low, they went back too  far to support the back, and the coverings were too limited.

Mostly when I stopped a salesperson and explained what we were looking for, they pointed vaguely into a distant corner and suggested, “Try over there. If you find anything come back to me!” One exception was the very helpful lady at SCS who did her best to find us something, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything we both liked.

When  we got home I looked on the internet and found the HSL chairs. They have a branch in Bristol, and not only did I find some that we both liked the look of,  but they even had some special offers!

 We decided to drive over on Thursday morning. It was the first warm, sunny day of the week, so that seemed a good omen. We followed the clear instructions to find the store and rather nervously entered. I had mentally filed the special offers, ready to produce the numbers if we found anything we liked after trying them.

We were met with a friendly greeting and offered a cup of tea!  I explained what I was looking for and he took us straight to the drop end sofa and the chairs I liked. Without any prompting, he told me about the special offers, showed us how the sofa worked and invited us to look around at the other styles and swatches of fabric at our leisure.

JW  was immediately impressed when he sat on the chair, which was so much more comfortable than our present ones, however the salesman asked him to try one with a slightly higher seat, which he found even better. ( We don’t loll, we like to sit up with our backs  and heads supported, (and, for me, to have my feet able to reach the floor :)) 

The only thing left was to choose the covering. There was a good choice of colours and fabrics and the salesman worked out the prices of our short list, we made our choice and paid.

It was so pleasant to find a salesman who knew his stock, was helpful and gave his advice without being pushy and was courteous throughout . I felt as though we had stepped back a few decades. If only all shopping expeditions could be this satisfying maybe I would not dread it so much!